When COVID took over in 2020, many people assumed that quarantine and financial stressors would spell the end for countless couples. Others predicted that fewer people would get married. The reality, however, has proven far more complicated than anyone could have anticipated. Keep reading to learn more about COVID era marriage and divorce trends:

Divorce Rates Dropping

Despite the annoyances of quarantining together and the financial constraints imposed by the pandemic, divorce rates are on the decline. This is evident based on findings from Bowling Green State University’s Center for Family and Demographic Research. Trends observed in a few states suggest a shortfall of over 191,000 divorces.

The reduction in divorces may stem, in part, from the reluctance of some spouses to handle divorce virtually, as has been required in many situations. Other theories, however, suggest that the adversity of the pandemic has actually brought many couples closer together.

Fewer Marriages

Couples may be less likely to divorce during COVID, but many are also unwilling to tie the knot right now. Hence, the nearly 340,000 fewer marriages than typical, as discovered by researchers at Bowling Green State University. Restrictions on typical weddings may be to blame. Some experts, however, believe that the dip in marriages will remain permanent, as more couples opt for cohabiting or single life instead.

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