As industry leaders, our attorneys consistently strive to keep our clients apprised of changes in legislation, current industry trends, and up-to-date legal decisions that could impact their business plans and performance. To promote increased performance and enhance our clients’ strategic planning, Davidson Fink LLP promotes regular communications and offers on-site training sessions for its default clients.

Our training sessions are customized to meet the needs of our default clients. Designed to provide an overall process knowledge-base, we devote three hours to each default training session to allow time for extensive questions and answers. Our training is conducted by our default managing partner, Heather C.M. Rogers, Esq, and our director of default operations, Erin DiFrancesca. Training attendees are provided with customized manuals containing information on New York judicial foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction and REO along with copies of communications with regard to state and federal updates. We believe that fully-trained and knowledgeable account specialists enhance overall production and effective communications. Similar in-depth foreclosure training programs are provided internally for our in-house team members to increase proficiency levels and maintain a productive work environment.

The attorneys and staff at Davidson Fink can be reached by phone at 585-546-6448 or by email through our secure contact page.

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